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1. Do you have my money?
 Does she have information about it?
3. Does the dog have ticks?
4. Does he have a play station game?
5. Do you have an e-mail?
6. How many friends do you have?
7. Do they have time for a party?
8. Do you have my telephone number?
9. Does she have a boyfriend?
10. What kind of pet do you have?


i haven't started eating
i haven't played with my friend lately.my exam is tomorrow but i haven't studied my favorite music is on the radio and i haven't stopped dancing 
i haven't heard of him yet.my mom told me to clean my room but i haven't cleaned it.my birthday is tomorrow but i haven't thought of a birthday wish.i haven't brushed my teeth.i haven't finished reading this amazing book.my dog wants to play but i haven't finished my homework. ya termine espero que esto te ayude ;)
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Lecgxme respondió
+ subject + Main verb (have) + complement
- subject + auxiliar in negative + main verb (have) + complement
? Auxiliary + subject + main verb have + complement + ?
   + Yes, subject + auxiliar
    - No, subject + auxiliar in negative

1. + I have a pare shirt.
- I don't have a spare shirt.
? Do you have a spare shirt?
   + Yes, I do
   - No, I don't.

2. + I have some quarters.
- I don't have anu quarters.
? Do you have any quarters?
   + Yes, I have.
     - No. I haven´t.

3. + I have some complaints.
- I don't have any complaints.
? Do you have any complaints?
   + Yes, I do.
   - No. I don't.
4. + I had a nice summer.
- I didn't have a nice summer.
? Did you have a nice summer?
  + Yes, I did.
  - No, I don't.

5. + I could have some more tea.
- I couldn't have some more tea,
? Could I have some more tea?
   + Yes, I could.
    - No, I couldn't.

6. Can I have a word with you?
7. Will you have some coffee?
8. I have some English books.
9. I have difficulty chewing.
10. I have another engagement. 
11. I have a surprise for you.
12. I don't have any children.
13. How many kids do you have?
14. Do you have any day tours?
15. Do you have a lot of time? 
16. Do you have a better idea?
17. Did you have a good sleep?
18. Ann doesn't have a sister.
19. I have a sharp pain here.
20. I have a lot of homework.

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