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5 oraciones con these y those

5 oraciones con these y those

por Deerecr

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i love that jacket
those are my books
i don't like this color
these shoes are very comfortable
this is my fiend's cousin
that is the true
those birds are white
this is a perfect day
i hate this jeans
he made that chair


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AdiCto respondió


These = Estos, Estas, Estes

Those = Esos, Esas, Eses, Aquellos, Aquellas.



These are my books.

These pense are mine.

Why you don't hang up these clothes?

Are they doing these works?

You aren't watching these ants.


Those pictures are not mine.

Are you keeping those keys?

Those packs of gold cost 20$

You must not touch those stones.

Those erasers are theirs.

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