10 oraciones con adverbios de frecuencia

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Pimpampum3 respondió
always have coffee at morning. They usually spend money on videogames. We frequently help us to take the dog for a walk. You often have breackfast at Tony's house, don't you? Andrea sometimes goes to see a horror film. Cristina occasionally visits her parents. Jane rarely leaves home without her keys, i always forget my keys. Joan hardly ever buys sweets. They never go to the teather. They usually eat vegetables at dinner.
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AnnaBeleén respondió

she always does the laundry

he never studied in tests

usually plays the futboll 

they sometimes manage to win 

he always plays tennis

They never do homework

we sometimes play in the park

they always eat junk food

We always go to parties

I never marry 

         OJALA TE SIRVAN :d

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