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10 oraciones afirmativas con el verbo Can.10...



10 oraciones afirmativas con el verbo Can.
10 oraciones negativas con el verbo Can.
10 oraciones interrogativas con el verbo Can.


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I can draw very well
You can speak english
He can drive a car
She can make dinner
They can go to the movies
I can read a text
You can play soccer
He can watch TV
She can knit
They can sew

I cannot drive a car
You cannot cook
He cannot dance
She cannot play the violin
They cannot swim
i cannot moped
You cannot sing
He cannot eat meat
She cannot paint
They cannot speak


Can you hand me my glasses.?
Can you paint a picture?
Can he drive a bicycle.?
Can she swim.?
Can they sing.?
Can you play soccer.?
Can he read a text.?
Can she dance .?
Can you write.?
Can they listen.?


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